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We make products to improve living and working spaces, transforming them into comfortable environments, creating a multi-sensory harmony and an atmosphere of well-being.

We offer decorative panels, furnishing accessories and lighting systems, making the interaction between nature, innovation and design the basis for the design of the finished product. We consciously use natural raw materials and recovery, working them in an innovative way but with full respect for nature.

Manifattura Macchine Soffici, is the expression of a startup founded in 2017 by the meeting of the world of research on advanced materials and nanotechnologies with that of the pulp processing traditionally used for the manual manufacture of paper.

We are constantly looking for solutions that combine quality and innovation and sustainability with the beauty of the product, while hand-working allows us to obtain unique results in terms of form, materiality, surface finish and aesthetic appearance of the product.

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The entire range of products we produce help the unique beauty of hand made art re-emerge, inserting it in an innovative context while retaining the classic design quality of made in Italy.