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Who we are

We focus on creating and manufacturing lighting systems and interior decoration elements with a high degree of environmental sustainability. We focus on starting materials resulting from the best Italian tradition characterized by the excellence of design.

We manufacture and develop materials and we integrate them with the highest craftsmanship and expert design techniques to develop interior design elements which link the complexity and sustainability of raw materials with the excellence of Italian design and the capability to interact with the end user and the environment.

We aim to become an international protagonist in the development, production and commercialization of interior design elements and interior lighting based on material and hybrid systems created using polymers and composite materials of natural origin such as cellulose. Cellulose is the natural polymer with the longest tradition of manufacturing practice: paper is made of cellulose.


We chose to recover the traditional hand made processes of fabrication, modernizing them with new resources. The typical paper making process originates in the Marche region in the area of Fabriano, one of the world wide centers of excellence for the production of paper products, both at industrial and artisan levels.

The versatility of the manual process and its hybridization with other techniques that have been developed to create packaging, allows us to manufacture a vast array of structural and functional products using high quality cellulose. These products have the ability to coexist and integrate themselves with next generation electronic and optic devices.

Innovation and Technology

Our past together with our traditions give us the idea of who we are, innovation and technology indicate a direction in which we can proceed.

Traditional and sustainable practices

We recover production processes and typical materials from artisan and artistic contexts in Italy, a territory whose strong cultural tradition points us toward innovation. As far as cellulose and paper are concerned, we work with materials that come from traditional and sustainable practices. These practices form the basis of our systems of interior design and innovative lighting.

We would like to live up to the growing global attention to the sustainable and conscious use of materials and energy, using complex and interactive manufacturing processes that develop products of a high quality subject also to the quality of life surrounding production and energy use.
In addition to sustainable practices, we would also like to underline that every product we create is based on our highest traditions, an aspect that is clear in substance and at the same time personalized to make every product unique and exclusive to the environment for which it is created.