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The art of handicraft
Made in Italy

The entire range of products we produce help the unique beauty of hand made art re-emerge, inserting it in an innovative context while retaining the classic design quality of made in Italy.


We use high quality natural materials, particularly cellulose coming from seasonal plants such as cotton and hemp with the lowest environmental impact. We directly paint the raw fibres during processing in the cellulose bath using traditional dyes of plants origin or using earth natural pigments without the addiction of any fixing colour components or chemical product. The fibres absorb the pigment and the resulting colour is uniform and unique for each of our creations at the same time.

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We create personalized solutions for every need and various spaces. We can create interior design solutions using our products, panels and lighting to fit any specific environment of any size. We create a series of modular elements for specific needs and unique environments in collaboration with highly skilled designers, artists, technicians and artisans. We provide a complete service, tailoring interiors, renovation, guaranteeing the highest quality results associated with the excellent traditions of the made in Italy.

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