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Project Description

It is ancient customs in Italy to browse the daisy petals one by one to find out based on the last remaining if their love loves me or loves me not (“m’ama, non m’ama”).
We were inspired by this ancient traditional gesture to create Mama non Mama, the paper-thin OLED chandelier with octagonal body in wood, a mirror and eight “petals” in cellulose of cotton in which the OLED luminous elements are inserted.
For the creation of Mama non Mama we only use the top quality raw materials available on the market: cellulose from cotton linters and the best species of wood, exclusively handcrafted.
Superior materials require superior technology. That’s why we choose only latest generation OLED to combine light quality and energy savings with the extraordinary subtlety typical of the sheet of paper of which we want to keep the connotation of lightness and lack of thickness.

The petals are realized with natural pigments and earths of different shades and colours and can be combined with different species of wood.
Thanks to the simplicity of the hooking and unhooking system, each OLED can be individually removed for possible maintenance.