Melania 03-100


Backlit decorative panel in hand-worked hemp cellulose with a complex texture tinted with vegetable dyes of natural origin, iron frame, coloured canvas power cord.
There is a hidden grid that highlights, when turned on, the color shades of the same size. Central LED area 60×60 cm.

They are available in the variant with colored power cable for lighting, or with the possibility of connecting as a wall light point.

Dimension: 50 x 50 cm

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Decorative panel manufactured using cellulose from hemp, worked exclusively by hand to create a complex texture and tint with pure natural colours obtained from plants.
The cellulose from hemp is natural, and it keeps is original colour because it is not bleached. It can be tinted to obtain pleasant and polished pastel nuance by reddish purple dye, reseda flower mignonette, blood-wood tree, charcoal, coffee or lavender flowers.
We offer a light version panel manufactured by handmade hemp with LED lighting in which the light promotes the characteristics of the material.

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Cloth cable, Wall connection