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We offer decorative wall panels with graphics created on design and /or backlit,  made of two different natural materials: cotton cellulose and hemp cellulose. In both cases the cellulose is mixed with special clays of high quality and other mineral products, colored with natural earth without the use of stains or chemicals.

We offer high performance products offering cutting-edge solutions that combine the quality of an aesthetically appealing and mechanically resistant natural product.

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Pannelli Cotone

We propose panels of variable dimensions that can be composed by the union of elementary modules that come together like a mosaic. Each element is created using cotton cellulose in a hand made process, we paint the raw fibres directly in the cellulose bath using natural earth pigments without using mordant and chemical fixing colour.
Thanks to the chromatic solutions and textural quality obtained by the integration of different papers and celluloses, the modules naturally present an amazing graphic presence.

Pannelli d’autore

Alessandro D’Aquila designs the “Pannelli d’Autore ” Collection manufactured using cellulose from cotton. The artist creates synthetic landscape and portraits, reducing the details to leave the observer free to feel emotions.
Each element is realized using cotton cellulose, coloured by natural earth pigments and without using mordant in a hand made process similar to inlay for the creation of high quality decorative and visual effect interior decoration element.

Pannelli Melania

Decorative panels manufactured using cellulose from hemp, worked exclusively by hand to create a complex texture and tint with pure natural colours obtained from plants.
The cellulose from hemp is natural, and it keeps is original colour because it is not bleached. It can be tinted to obtain pleasant and polished pastel nuance by reddish purple dye, reseda flower mignonette, blood-wood tree, charcoal, coffee or lavender flowers.
We offer a light version panels manufactured by handmade hemp with LED lighting in which the light promotes the characteristics of the material.


We create personalized solutions for every need and various spaces. We can create interior design solutions using our products, panels and lighting to fit any specific environment of any size. We create a series of modular elements for specific needs and unique environments in collaboration with highly skilled designers, artists, technicians and artisans. We provide a complete service, tailoring interiors, renovation, guaranteeing the highest quality results associated with the excellent traditions of the made in Italy.

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The art of handicraft
Made in Italy

The entire range of products we produce help the unique beauty of hand made art re-emerge, inserting it in an innovative context while retaining the classic design quality of made in Italy.